Barber Magic Neck Strips (1 Box 16 Packs / 1120 Strips) High Quality Professional Stretchy

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  • ✂[Convenient to wear] It is made of a soft, extremely absorbent material that catches stray hair and soaks up sweat and spills
  • ✂[Healthy and hygienic] Use a section of barber paper neck strips around the neck before having your hair cut, dyed, or permed to stop the hair or perm from dripping onto the skin of the client and to stop hair or hair dye from dropping on the body and irritating the skin. Very clean and hygienic, disposable
  • ✂[Use] Tear a neck strip from the paper pack, carefully stretch it to fit the client's neck, and then adhere the white spots on both ends (Note: the neck band can be stretched, but not in a savage way).
  • ✂[Convenient and economical] It saves money on laundry bills and is far less expensive than towels. Ideal for hairdressing, cosmetics, face cleaning, etc